July 4 – Measuring Ministry, Part 1

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Projector Canvas over People Performing on Stage in Front of Crowd Raising Their Hands

“What profit shall it be to a man who packs out the whole church and lets the audience go to hell?” –Keith Knauss

The modern church-goer measures ministry by standards that are impervious to authentic scriptural growth. It is unfortunate that we have somehow misconstrued and minimized success to building size, administrative structure, and well-organized programs. These things can certainly be results of spiritual growth, but they are never substitutes for authentic spiritual health.

I suppose that is really the point that needs to be made: There is a fine line between growth and health. A church may be “growing” but not necessarily in the right way. Too often we try to replicate the results of “successful” churches or ministries without having the proper foundation or fundamentals in place.  The great danger is not duplicating another church, it is that we have failed to define what “success” means.  We have been evangelized by secular influences to the point that we measure our successes and failures by worldly productions.

What we feel, what we see, and what we like replaces the truth of God’s Word; and so “what we hear” becomes secondary to everything else. This creates an environment that is driven by emotions, spreadsheets, lights, feelings, and culture. Such a Christianity may draw the masses, but it will never please the Master.

Daily Reading: Psalms 119

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