May 24 – Have You Heard?

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Have You Heard

“Talk what we will of faith, if we do not trust and rely upon Him, we do not believe in Him.” –Anthony Farindon

Recently a friend of ours bought us tickets to hear Handel’s Messiah at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. I have lived near Atlanta all my life, I am familiar with the content and Scriptures of the masterpiece, and I even have an appreciation for such music. But this was the first time I heard the oratorio in person.  As Henry Suso said, “It is one thing to hear for yourself a sweet lute, sweetly played, and quite another thing to merely hear about it.”

I suppose the superficiality that fills the church is rooted in the same notion. “Hearing” and “hearing about” are two different realities.  One is a conversation, the other is hearsay. One is a voice, the other is an echo. Hearing affords an experience in your presence, hearing about affords an experience of others in your absence.

If we have little power in the modern church it is because we only talk about things that we’ve heard from others.  It’s one thing to walk away from Mt. Carmel with the fire of God as your virtue; it’s another thing to have only heard about it down in Joppa.  It’s one thing to descend the mount with the law of God in your hands, but it’s another to be dancing around the golden calf when the holy tablets arrive. It’s one thing to be entrenched with the melody, the Scriptures, and the instrumentation of Handel’s Messiah in the acoustical auditorium, it’s another thing to be scalping tickets outside of Symphony Hall.

Daily Reading: Ezra 5-7
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