May 22 – We Preach Christ Crucified

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We Preach Christ Crucified

“As Christ has a Gospel, Satan has a gospel too; the latter being a clever counterfeit of the former.” –A.W. Pink

I recently read of a small church that had the words “We preach Christ Crucified” etched into a wooden board over the front door.  For years, the church had ministers and pastors who rightly divided the Scriptures and exalted the glory of the crucified Christ and His death as the only means of salvation.

When that generation of preachers passed away, another generation took their place that felt the message of the cross was somewhat outdated from their modern times.  Though they preached about Jesus, they only validated His life, miracles, and helpful teachings.  Meanwhile, ivy had grown over a portion of the board so that it now read, “We preach Christ.”

Eventually, the congregation turned very liberal and felt as though the church needed something more than sermons of Christ.  They began concentrating on politics, morality, and social issues.  Ivy continued to consume the sign until it read, “We preach.” The church eventually turned apostate until the ivy covered everything but “We.”

The world wants a gospel that doesn’t include the death of Jesus. But such a gospel doesn’t exist. The only way mankind can be reconciled to God is through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. May we preach Christ and Him crucified to every generation!

Daily Reading: II Chronicles 35-36

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