May 19 – The Problem with Pragmatism

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The Problem with Pragmatism

“A goat can be corralled, caressed even, by the shepherds of the church, but it is a goat still.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

The world’s entry into the church is not the fault of the world. A goat will try to go anywhere to feed his cravings.  If we find such creatures in the sheepfold it is because the porters have misjudged and miscalculated their occupations. We’ve allowed competition with other sheepfolds to be the prevailing motivator of our compromise. We’ve permitted filthy lucre to monopolize our convictions. We’ve become enthralled with the acceptance, popularity, and recognition of the world.   Bigger is better, and so for the sake of the bigger we have tampered with the better. Yes, I suppose it is true: A goat can be corralled, caressed even by the shepherds of the church, but it is a goat, still.

And so before long, the sounds of the sheepfold begin to change. Oh, it’s crowded, exciting even, to have such a number, but someone must take inventory of what we really have.  I believe we have organized dead men’s bones with the hopes they will eventually come together. But such a miraculous occasion will only take place through the power of the Spirit and the authority of the Word. We’ve marched the goats into the sheepfold with their own music, with their own philosophies, with their own entertainment thinking that somehow, they will become sheep.  Such a pragmatism is futile! Damning even!

Daily Reading: II Chronicles 26-29

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