April 22 – Supernatural Strength

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Supernatural Strength

“I believe the promises of God enough to venture an eternity on them.”   –Isaac Watts

Throughout my life, I have witnessed the faith of many believers who held strong in the greatest of adversities.  I have stood by parents who have buried their children. I have prayed with wives who’ve watched their husbands undergo severe treatments.  I have worshipped with individuals who’ve lost homes, vehicles, and retirement.  What is the secret to their resiliency? How do they not give up?  Even more, how do they continue walking with God?

The truth is, God gives a strength beyond the natural scope of man.  William Gurnall, in his classic devotional, The Christian in Complete Armour, said, “If God does call you into fiery trials, His promise will take all responsibility out of your hands. Where does supernatural strength and joy come from? The Holy Spirit applies the promises of God in the time of need.”

This is the only explanation.  The Holy Spirit, during those dreary seasons of life, has the authority to take God’s promises and manifest them in a way beyond human reasoning or ability.  It is in the most heated furnace we find the breeze of God’s Word. As Gurnall contends, “These promises make such a soft pillow for the saints’ head, giving marvelous rest when handled by the cruelest of enemies.”

Daily Reading: I Kings 21-22