April 14 – I Am Sorry

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I Am Sorry

“Repentance is the vomit of the soul.” –Thomas Brooks

The hardest words to formulate in the English language are: I AM SORRY.  Just three little words. So simple to write out on paper, or even think in the mind, but nearly impossible to make pass across the lips. Go ahead; say it out loud. “I am sorry…”

You didn’t like it, did you?  Most people don’t.  Saying “I am sorry” is an admission of guilt.  The primary reason we dislike this statement is because it brings us to terms with our imperfection.  Oh, we all know, at least in theory, that we are not perfect; but if the truth were known, we claim inerrancy more than we want to admit.  When we say “I am sorry” we are saying that we have messed up, we missed the mark, we are wrong. And I assure you, no one likes to be wrong.

Since we don’t like to be wrong, we play games with our heart.  We justify our actions, rationalize our conclusions, and legitimize our errors, all in the name of righteousness.  You see, saying “I am sorry” brings us to terms with our sin nature.  Yet, it is in that honest confession before God that the repentant sinner finds what his stubborn heart fought against all along: forgiveness.  Don’t be afraid to say “I am sorry.”  Such a confession is the gateway to divine reconciliation.

Daily Reading: I Kings 1-2

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