April 11 – The Taste of Rebellion

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The Taste of Rebellion

“Knowledge of the truth comes with surrender of the will.”                     –R.A. Torrey

Rebellion, at its core, is the idea that we can do what we want, no matter the consequence or price.  This was the heart issue of Adam and Eve’s fall in the garden.  They had divine instruction not to eat of the tree, yet in the face of that holy standard they chose to feed the flesh.  They bought into the lie of liberty.  The serpent promised freedom in his deceptively-packaged proposal, but what they found was bondage. Their self-empowerment led to self-defeat.  What deadly taste was the fruit of man’s mutiny!

“I can do what I want” is a dangerous statement that can ultimately lead to a deadly consequence.  True liberty true freedom is discovered through a yielded heart and a surrendered will.  Kyle Idleman said, “The one thing we are most reluctant to give up is the one thing that has the most potential to become a substitute for Him.” In rebellion, our first parents chose fruit over fellowship, death over life, and selfishness over true freedom.

What a sad reality when they had to flee paradise.  They had their supposed liberty, yet they had it with a bad taste in their mouths. They got what they wanted, but they didn’t want what they got.  This is always the course for the soul with a stubborn will.

Daily Reading: II Samuel 19-20

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