April 8 – A Tree in Every Season

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A Tree in Every Season

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” –King Solomon

There’s a story of a Persian king who wanted to teach his four sons the error of making rash and hasty decisions.  He commanded his eldest son to journey through the winter to visit a mango tree in a neighboring village.  Several months later he sent his next oldest son to the same tree during the springtime.  When summer came, he sent his third son to the same tree.  And finally, his youngest son was instructed to visit the mango tree during the fall.

He gathered his four sons together and asked them to give detail and description of the tree.  The first one said, it looked like a dead, gray, old stump.  The second son said, “No, not at all.  It had green leaves on every branch.  The third said, “I didn’t notice the green leaves as much as I noticed the rosy, smelly blossoms.”  Finally, the last son said, “You are all wrong. The fruit of the tree reminded me of the pear trees we have in our orchard.”

They looked at their father to see which one had the correct interpretation of the tree to which the father replied, “My sons, you are all correct.  Each of you saw the tree at different times of the year. Therefore, do not judge a person, a situation, or a matter until you have seen it in all of its seasons.”

Daily Reading: II Samuel 12-13

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