April 6 – God Alone is God

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God Alone is God

“The deepest sin of my life is holding on to the right to lead my own life.” –Bill Hull

In November of 2016, a Kentucky man sued the state for their refusal to issue a license plate that read “IMGOD.”  The self-professed atheist said he wanted to prove with the tag that “it was impossible to disprove anyone’s claim to be God.”

Though such a statement seems controversial and contentious, it is not original.  It was the sentiment of our first parents.  Their rebellion to God was rooted in the desire to usurp His throne.  Satan convinced Adam and Eve that in eating the fruit, their eyes would be opened and they would become as gods.  The slithery serpent, in all his deception, tried to discredit the sufficiency of God.  “God is not enough,” was the angle of the fallen angel, “You can be divine.”

Sadly, this is not only the sentiment of a profane atheist, it is also the sentiment of many who name the name of Christ.  There are many who confess Jesus Christ as Lord but live as though He does not exist.  When we disregard His Word, grieve His Spirit, and refuse His will, we make ourselves as gods.  It’s possible to drive to church on Sunday and have your tag read “IMGOD” on the back.

Whether it’s a license plate, a piece of fruit, or a broken vow, we make ourselves ‘gods’ when we deny His rule for our lives.  When I say ‘rule’ I simply mean this: He is God and we are not.

Daily Reading: II Samuel 4-7

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