April 5 – The Price for a Slice of Pride

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The Price for a Slice of Pride

“Pride is concerned about who is right, humility is concerned about what is right.” –Ezra Taft Benton

A new executive arrogantly entered a board meeting and addressed a young man at the table.  “How much do you make a week?” he said in a haughty tone.  “Oh, I don’t know, around $250.00,” said the young man.  At that time, the executive pulled out a thousand dollars and said, “Here you go, that’s pay for a month, consider it your notice – you’re fired.”

After the surprised fellow left the room, the executive asked the others, “Now, can anyone tell me what that guy did here?” One of the other executives spoke up and said, “Nothing, he was the pizza delivery boy.”

When we exercise our authority with conceit and arrogance, no one wins!  The prideful heart always takes the seat of exultation and yearns to be lifted above others.  Such was not the attitude or actions of our Savior.  Jesus, Who had all authority in heaven and earth, extended grace and mercy to those He encountered.

Those who abuse their position and title for gain and self-glory may have a moment of recognition, but they are typically left looking like a fool to others.

Daily Reading: II Samuel 1-3

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