March 29 – Applause Party, Part 1

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Applause Party, Part 1

It’s a sound that echoes throughout the self-made kingdoms of pride and conceit.  Its tone and timbre drives men to lofty pursuits and radical achievements.  It can be obnoxious or euphoric depending on its direction.  If aimed toward others it may become unbearably deafening; if aimed toward us it validates every effort exerted…it is the roaring sound of applause.

We do it at ball games, church services, award ceremonies, political venues, retirement parties, and just about any other event where someone is being recognized.  Clapping can be a healthy way of saying “thank you.”  It confirms our acknowledgment of someone’s achievements.

Clap, and a child may be encouraged.  Clap, and a singer may be validated.  Clap, and a teenager may feel loved.  Clap, and a spouse may feel appreciated.  There is nothing wrong with receiving applause unless receiving applause becomes the driving force of what we do.

Therein is the issue with many who are actively engaged in the service of the Lord. We must continually question our motives as we labor for the cause of Christ. When our aim in life is genuinely directed toward the glory of God, the only disappointment we will ever experience is when men applaud us.

Daily Reading: 1 Samuel 9-12

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