March 27 – Don’t be Afraid of Freedom

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Don’t be Afraid of Freedom

There was a man possessed with demons during the days of Christ who lived among the dead in Gadara.  After encountering the Son of God, the legion of demons left the man by the power and authority of Christ.

The people of Gadara saw the man after his exorcism.  He was clothed, sitting, and in his right mind–a stark difference from being unclothed, uncontrollable, and spiritually insane.  When they saw the man, the Bible said they were afraid.

The people were not joyful, they were fearful.  They were not happy for the man; on the contrary, they were upset.  It seemed as though the demoniac’s newfound liberty in Christ bothered them.  It was almost as though they needed the man in the cave to secure their spiritual superiority.  Once he was liberated by grace, they were threatened.

There are many people in the church who are threatened by the liberty others have in Christ – they are almost fearful of it.  The truth is, God saves harlots, addicts, demoniacs, and the like.  For this reason, He came into the world.  He came to set the captive free, not to promote or applaud the self-righteous.  When those who have been bound in the dark caves of life find the light of Christ we should glorify God with praise.  Don’t be afraid of other’s liberty in Christ, it’s the same liberty that makes you who you are in the family of God.

Daily Reading: 1 Samuel 1-3

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