March 21 – Contented Silence

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Not long ago, I grabbed some lunch at a local fast food restaurant.  Across the aisle at another table sat an older couple.  They looked bored out of their minds.  As I sat eating my food, I couldn’t help but notice the awkward silence between them.  They didn’t speak to each other the entire time.

I thought to myself, “I hope this isn’t what happens after being married for a long time.”  Before I could even finish that thought, they got up.  The older gentleman quickly grabbed his wife’s tray, reached for her hand, and smiled at her like he was a teenager in love. I watched them as they plodded through the parking lot.  Hand in hand they walked to the car, he opened the door for her, and they drove off in contented silence.

I initially thought they had grown tired of each other over the course of their years together, but nothing could be further from the truth. Their silence was just a measuring rod of their contentment.

My relationship with God oftentimes has the same feel.  Just because I can’t hear Him speak doesn’t mean He is not there.  My  relationship with Him should not be defined by the words I may or may not say to Him; it should be defined simply by the time I spend with Him on a daily basis.  Sometimes those moments are bold, courageous, and demonstratively known.  At others times, they are quiet, silent even; yet it doesn’t mean the fire is gone.

Daily Reading: Judges 8-9

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