February 21 – Foot-Traffic Fall

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In his book, the Divine Mentor, Wayne Cordeiro tells how one of the great Sequoia trees in Yosemite Park fell to the ground.  The tree, which was close to 400 years old, stood 240 feet tall.  Growing through the various centuries, the tree had become a giant of creation.  How did such a behemoth of nature fall to its knees?

As Cordeiro explains, “There had been no windstorms, fires, floods, or lightning strikes.  The toppled tree showed no evidence of animal or insect damage.  As park rangers and forestry experts examined the downed behemoth, they came to the startling conclusion.  Foot traffic.”

Yes, the root system had become weak because of all the foot traffic.  Because of fragile roots, the tree could no longer support itself, and it fell to the ground. Though the tree appeared sturdy, strong, and even strikingly large, the part which was unseen became frail, tired, and worn.

When we fail to guard ourselves from the daily foot traffic of life, our spiritual root system becomes weak.  It doesn’t matter how tall you stand among others; when the unseen part struggles (your devotion, your prayer, your Bible-reading, your meditation of Scripture, your daily rest) you are more susceptible to a spiritual fall.

Daily Reading: Numbers 23-25

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