February 17 – I Have Found the Way

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Choices abound…too many, really.  Whether you’re buying groceries or pumping gas, you are forced to make decisions among a vast variety of choices. What will I wear today? What route will I take to work to avoid the traffic? What will I have at the buffet? What are the best financial options for my family?  Sometimes it can become daunting and confusing.  I mean, just picking out a toothpaste product can be overwhelming as you scan through the hundreds of options.  When it comes to eternal life, God has eliminated variety.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, the life.”  As the old-time preacher used to say, “Jesus is not a good way to heaven.  He’s not even the best way to heaven.  He’s the only way to heaven.”

Popular culture wants us to believe that Christ is only one way among many.  They contend that Christianity is just another option on the religious buffet. But Christ radically draws the line in the sand and declares Himself as the only way to God the Father.

He is the only option.  He is the only choice.  He is the only avenue to the glorious and celestial city of God.  If He is not that, then He is not anything.  He cannot just be a good teacher.  He cannot just be a religious leader.  No, He declares Himself as the potentate King of Glory, the only way to God.  As the songwriter says, “Glory, Hallelujah, I have found the way!”

Daily Reading: Numbers 14-15

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