February 8 – Be Clean Before You Cut

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Be Clean Before You Cut

Louis Pasteur is credited for the development of germ theory.  His advancements in surgical studies revolutionized medicine and completely transformed the protocol for surgical procedures.

Before this break-through study, surgeons were always perplexed at the number of deaths associated with surgery.  It used to be that surgeons would work on one patient and go right to the next without proper sanitation.  Unknowingly, they were transferring bacteria and infection from patient to patient.

Through extensive research, Pasteur began connecting the dots.  His theory of germ transfer radically changed the medical field.

Pasteur’s germ theory rings true in the spiritual world as well.  It is easy to take out the religious knife and start cutting away at those who are infected with sinful disease.  But if we are not careful, we may be imparting some of our own germs in the process.

Surgery requires sanitation.  Simply put, we must make sure our lives are clean and free from harmful bacteria before we start operating on others.  There is no doubt, the world needs help, they need what we have; but if we fail to maintain our own spirituality, we may be infecting them with something that will eventually harm them.

Daily Reading: Leviticus 22-23

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