January 28 – Guilty and Loved

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We had some friends over for supper one weekend so my wife prepared one of her famous desserts for the occasion. Our children were excited beyond words! However, as the evening progressed, I had some repetitive behavior issues out of my six year old daughter to the point that I had to take away her dessert. We enjoyed a long walk with our friends after supper and the time for dessert came. Reality set in and she was devastated. I knew I couldn’t retract her consequences because the lesson simply had to be learned. I could join her in her suffering, though. As the desserts were passed around, Hadli didn’t get one but I didn’t either.

My Christian walk has unfortunately included some moments of rebellion. I’m saved. I don’t have to pay for my sins. However, I do have to live with natural consequences. The misconception in the minds of many Christians is that if they are facing some type of self-inflicted suffering that God leaves them alone in it. Maybe you lost your marriage because you were unfaithful. Maybe your children avoid you now that they are adults because of how you treated them as children. Maybe you are suffering financially because of bad decisions that you made.

The natural consequences may be surrounding you as you read this but I assure you that you have not been isolated! Christ came down and walked with men, remember? Jesus was homeless and poor and died a criminal’s death, remember? This is not a God who is afraid to yoke with struggles or fellowship with suffering. You may be in a mess and you may have made that mess but your Father is with you! (Submitted by Zach Whitsel)

Daily Reading: Exodus 30-32

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