January 25 – A Home Full of Love

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I wonder how many homes in the United States are void of biblical charity?  We have strife, division, stress, tension, emotional walls, miscommunication, and dysfunction galore.  Most of our issues could and would be settled when we understood and implemented the command to love one another.  Sadly, in many homes, the parents are no longer passionate soul-mates, they are just pitiful roommates.

Children know when parents have lost the lovin’ feeling.  My children personally hate it when they see me and their mother displaying our love.  They think it is disgusting and gross when we hold hands or kiss.  They hate it now, but they will cherish it later.

To give them an advantage we must exercise grace, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, and long-suffering.  “The bond of perfectness” as the apostle Paul said, “is charity.”  In short, the example of maturity and the essence of growth are founded upon the one quality that changes the world: love.

Men are instructed to love their wives as Christ loved the church.  We are to sacrificially and willingly give our lives for our spouse.  We are to serve, honor, and cherish one another in the confines of our homes.  You can give your children many things throughout their lives, but nothing will be more rewarding than giving them a home that is filled and characterized by biblical love.

Daily Reading: Exodus 22-24

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