January 20 – The Rock of Ages

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Our granddaughter is four years old. A little over a year ago, she started hanging out with me in my garden, “helping me,” or she certainly thought she was. I loved every moment of her help. While I worked in the garden, I would pick up rocks and pebbles from the soil and place them in a pile at the upper end of the garden. As she watched me work, she soon caught on to what I was doing. It wasn’t long until she began picking up rocks and placing them in the pile as well. She even went as far as to bring me rocks from other locations such as her yard back at home or wherever she would find them. She would always bring them to me and say, “Here Paw Paw, I brought you these rocks for the garden.”

You see, at her young age, she is confused about what I was doing. All the time that I was preparing the soil to plant a seed, I was removing all the rocks that were obstacles to me, but in her mind, she thought I was collecting for the garden. She’s not old enough to understand what an obstruction some rocks can be. There will be a time when she will ask why we are not putting those rocks in the garden, and at that time, I will explain the difference between the bad rocks and the only Good Rock.

When she becomes old enough to understand the concept of why we remove the bad rocks, she will then be old enough to hear about the only Good Rock. Jesus, The Foundation of the World, The Chief Corner Stone. All other rocks are but obstructions. (Submitted by Doug Chatham)

Daily Reading: Exodus 7-9

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