January 16 – What Will You Give?

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A little girl overheard her mother praying one night before going to bed.  The mother cried out, “Dear Lord, give us our daily bread.  Give us protection during the night.  Give us a good day tomorrow.  Give us Your blessings.  Give us Your promises.  Give us Your love.  Give us our heart’s desire.  In Your name I pray, Amen.”  She rose up from the prayer and was startled to find the little girl beside her.  Little Susie simply looked up and asked, “Momma, if God gives you all that stuff what are you gonna give God?”

“What are you gonna give God?”  That’s a good question.  So many times our prayers seem more like a laundry list than a time of intimacy and communion.  Our lives would be filled with much more contentment if instead of asking God to do something for us we asked what we could do for Him.

Our heavenly Father knows our needs before we even ask.  Certainly we are to seek and ask for daily provisions; but the next time you pray ask God to reveal something you can do for Him.  God has an assignment for each of His children.  The joy of serving Him is equally as glorious as the blessings He bestows.  Today, God will give thousands of blessings; what will you give Him?

Daily Reading: Genesis 46-47

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