January 14 – Welcome to School

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Daddy, I want to learn how to read!” This ambitious request was made to me by my daughter when she was about four years old. To this day she loves to sit down and spend time with a good book! What she didn’t realize was the cost associated with learning how to read.

My little girl started Kindergarten this past year and to say she hates it would be an understatement. She has protested it, played games to get out of it, and gotten outright angry. She likes being in control and when the education process begins she loses her control. She’s had to make a lot of changes and adjustments to conform to this thing called school but she can read a little now and she sure likes that!

My prayers go a lot like my daughter’s request. Prayers like, “Lord, help me to be more thankful” and “give me wisdom, Father” seem like such simple requests. When the education process that brings the answers commences, though, it’s never simple at all. I desire the answers! I need the answers to make the right choices in my daily life but I hate school. Sometimes I forget to embrace the education because, in my mind, I’ve disconnected it from the answers. I like to be in control, but in order to know something that I don’t currently know I must turn myself over to the Teacher and the process. (Submitted by Zach Whitsel)

Daily Reading: Genesis 41-42

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