January 12 – Four Sides to Every Trial- Part 3

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While Job was trying to make sense of his trial, he was not privy to all that was going on behind the scenes.  Job did not know that the slithery snake of Adam’s garden had maliciously crawled into his life.  Job did not have all the facts.  He did not know Satan had risen against him with accusations before Holy God.  But there he was…accusing Job of serving God for naught.  There he was…with his damning power to kill and destroy.  There he was…with a shameful desire to take all that Job had lived for.

I remind you: Your adversary is a lion, a ferocious lion.  He is walking about, seeking whom he may devour. His goal for your life is to strip you of your joy, your testimony, your belongings, your family, your strength, and your very relationship with God.  He is not omnipotent like our God, however, he does, on occasion, request permission to come at you with all of his hellish might.

And it is this we must remember: There is nothing he does, on his side of your trial, that is not examined by Almighty God.  He must ask permission; he must get approval from the Lord.  On his side of your trial, Satan is working tirelessly to bring evil into your life; however, God takes those malicious acts of the enemy and turns it into your good.

Daily Reading: Genesis 35-37

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