January 10 – Four Sides to Every Trial- Part 1

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Did you know there are four sides to every trial?  Just ask Job.  When you study the great trial of his life you will find four different viewpoints: His side, the side of others, the side of Satan, and the side of God.  Over the next few days I want to evaluate each particular side, starting with Job.

It’s hard to fathom the severity, the pain, and the suffering of Job’s great loss.  Within a few moments, he was struck with the devastating news of the destruction of his estate and the death of his ten children.  His agony was so severe that he rent his mantle, shaved his head, and sat down among the ashes.  Literally, Job lost his identity and felt like his life had been torn asunder.

His reaction reminds us that it is ok to grief and lament during such tumultuous times.  However, in the midst of his suffering, Job did not charge God foolishly and refused to forfeit his integrity.  On his side of the trial, he chose to trust God.

You may not understand why you are going through your trial, and perhaps you would not have volunteered for such adversity; but on your side of this affliction you do have the choice to believe God.  You see, God did not keep the trial away from Job; but Job did not allow the trial to keep him from God.

Daily Reading: Genesis 30-31

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