January 7 – The Love of God

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If God is immutable, then all He has ever been, He will forever be; He cannot change.  And if God is holy (eternally separate from sin), how can mankind, who is sinful, be reconciled to God?  If God is immutability holy, and holy immutable, what is the remedy for man’s sin?

It is in this question we are driven to the love of God.  Love is not just something God has for us; it is something God is.  It is a divine attribute of the immutable, holy God.  1 John says, “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”

The ultimate expression of God’s divine attribute was displayed on the cross of Calvary when Christ died for our sins.  God “commendeth” His love for us in this fashion.  On the cross, the holiness of God coincided with His love.  Christ, the spotless lamb laid down His life in perfection and righteousness.  Holiness and love are not two opposing elements of God’s divine nature.  No, they are mutually inclusive of each other.  Like balls of yarn that are weaved together to form a solitary garment, the holiness of God and love of God are exposed on the cross.  It was there that God’s holiness was satisfied and His love was extended.

Daily Reading: Genesis 22-24

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