January 1 – Are You Following Him?

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At the time of this writing, Mark Zuckerberg has over seventy-seven million followers and friends on Facebook.  I personally do not follow him.  Yes, he is the creator of Facebook, and yes, he has changed the way I communicate with people, and yes, he has had a direct influence on my networking; however, I still do not follow him. I enjoy his invention, and benefit from his creativity, but I do not follow him.  I do not know him and honestly, I do not care to know him.

Sadly, many people relate to God on those same terms.  They enjoy His creation, they drink His water, they rest under His sky, they breath His oxygen, and are warmed by His sun; but they do not follow Him.  They do not know Him, and perhaps, do not care to know Him. I don’t follow Zuckerberg, and I am sure he doesn’t care.  He obviously doesn’t follow me either.  But can I tell you, unlike the creator of Facebook, the Creator of the World wants you to follow Him.

Start this year with a resolved heart to know God, to follow God, and to grow in the knowledge of Who He is.

Daily Reading: Genesis 1-3

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