December 11 – El-Shaddai

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There is no other name like the Lord our God, He is El-Shaddai, He is God Almighty!  He is the all-sufficient, all-powerful One.  At His name the earth trembles.  At His name the heaven rends.  At His name the dead rise up and walk.  At His name the demons of hell scatter.  At His name all the nations of the earth will bow and salute Him.  He is God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. This particular name is associated with the mightiness of God.  It reminds us of His powerful acts, His strength among the nations, His ability to save to the uttermost.

When we see God as El-Shaddai we acknowledge His power over the enemy.  He stands strong as our heavenly Captain.  At His voice the devil quivers.  Yes, Satan walks about as a roaring lion, but when he hears the yelp of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, he must flee. The Lord is God Almighty!

When we see God as El-Shaddai we remember His victory to overcome our sins on the cross.  He had power to lay down His life, and power to take it up again.   He defeated sin, death, hell, and the grave. The Lord is God Almighty!

When we see God as El-Shaddai, we lay claim that He will return.  The world does not win, the enemy does not prevail, and the flesh does not destroy us.  He is occupying His throne; He is still ruling in His heaven. And He is coming again! The Lord is God Almighty!

Daily Reading: Philippians 1-4

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