November 27 – Laborers Together

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Recently, a man in our church sold an off-road vehicle to one of his relatives. He sold it to him at a discounted price with the stipulation of him coming to church and Sunday school for six months. His relative, happy to get the discount, agreed. During the course of that six months, the man’s relative sat in a class where the subject had been “Biblical salvation.” A burden developed among the teacher so much that the teacher asked 45 people different to pray for this young man. The young man sat in worship service at the end of the six months and heard a simple message about the coming judgment of God to this world. The man walked the aisle and asked Christ to save him.

To the onlooker it may seem as though this young man made a decision to trust Christ in a five-minute altar call invitation. The truth is there has been much watering and sowing among many individuals for an extended amount of time.

Such is the law of sowing and reaping. One plants, another waters, others pray, and God gives the increase. Today I am thankful for unnamed servants who give discounts, who invite relatives to church, who teach without pay, who ask others to pray, and who faithfully preach and proclaim the Word. Moreover, I am thankful for the drawing power of the Spirit Who honors the labor of His servants and saves the souls of the unregenerate.

Daily Reading: Romans 11-13

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