November 21 – Your Affliction, His Authority

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Have you ever noticed the various ways Jesus engaged those who came to Him with afflictions?  Sometimes Jesus touched the frail bodies of the diseased.  Other times He simply spoke a Word of rebuke to the unclean spirits.  Still other times, He would only give a word of promise.  Once, He actually spit on the ground and made clay to press upon the eyes of the blind.

My point is simple: Christ worked in a variety of ways depending on the person’s faith and ailment.  He didn’t do things the exact way every time.  There wasn’t a cookie-cutter answer for every problem and perplexity of His followers.  No, Jesus responded based upon the individuality of those who came.

The one thing, however, that every situation did have in common was the fact that Jesus always demonstrated His authority over the affliction.  Whether it was leprosy, demon-possession, blindness, fevers, or death, every ailment had to succumb to the dominion of the divine.  Through His healing, Jesus demonstrated His authority over sin.  Sin causes sickness, uncleanness, spiritual oppression and possession, and even death.  With every healing and every act of restoration, Jesus was announcing His authority over a sin-cursed world.  Be of good cheer child of God; He still has power.

Daily Reading: Acts 21-23

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