November 20 – Responding to the Word

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There are two ways to respond to the Word of God: Either with indifference or with implementation.  I call these two ways the “but” and “so” approaches.  The “but” approach is to hear the Word of God and give excuse as to why you cannot or will not heed to its authority.  Someone who responds in this fashion says, “I know what Scripture says…

  • but that’s not what it really means
  • but I will do what I want
  • but God doesn’t really expect it
  • but it’s too hard to actually live out

Someone who responds with the “so” approach will hear the Holy Word and say…

  • so how can I put this into practice?
  • so where can I improve?
  • so who can I tell?
  • so what would you have me to do, Lord?

How do you respond to Scripture? Do you engage it with a spirit of indifference, or do you embrace it with a spirit of implementation? Your answer will determine God’s blessings on your life (Psalm 1).

Daily Reading: Acts 18-20

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