November 19 – The Order of Holiness

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We tend to think of holiness as a “starchy starkness” from the world.  Holiness is the absence of secular thought and things, we contend.  Therefore, if we stay away from such insidious and polluting notions we are, by default, holy.  This concept of holiness may very well keep you out of the court room, but it will not guarantee you a place at the throne room.  The idea of holiness cannot just be “separation from,” it must equally be “separation to.”

A holy life is not just separation from worldly things, it is also separation to spiritual things.  And ultimately, holiness begins with being separated to Christ.  As a result of being separated to Christ you will have a greater longing to be separated from the world.

Many believers struggle with the idea of holiness because they have gotten the order mixed up.  They believe if they can rid their lives from worldly music, television shows, racy magazines, and polluted entertainment that they are on the path to holiness.  But the truth is, you can dismiss all of these things from your life and still not resemble Christ.  So, we must measure holiness by our likeness of Christ, not by our indifference to the world.  Coming out of the world is the result of coming to Christ.

Daily Reading: Acts 16-17

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