November 17 – The Church Needs You

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I have heard many people down through the years say they do not need the church to have a relationship with God.  They contend that church is a superficial, religious notion that only satisfies the traditions and preferences of men.  Church, they suggest, is not really important in their walk with the Lord.

Just for a moment, let’s hypothetically pretend they are right.  Perhaps they do not need the church.  But do those same people not realize that the church just might need them?  When someone says they do not need the church, they say such a thing from a very self-centered, self-indulgent mindset.  Their talents, their abilities, their resources, their prayers, their giving, their support, their love, their fellowship…all of these things are vitally important for the church to exist and fulfill its commission in the world.

The truth is, your church does need you; and contrary to popular belief, you need the church.  You cannot be part of the body of Christ apart from the church.  The heavenly Bridegroom longs to be with His Bride, the Holy Vine imparts joy through the union of the branches, the Chief Cornerstone cannot be separated from the holy building.  You may think you do not need the church, and you are wrong.  But can I suggest something? Your church does need you!

Daily Reading: Acts 11-13

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