November 16 – Make Sure It’s Shut

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Recently my wife came home to our house by herself.  As she opened the front door, she sensed she was not alone.  She heard slight movements coming from the living room.  With hesitation she slowly walked through the foyer to investigate the commotion.  Her heart was faint as she saw the mess all over the place.  Pillows were scattered, shoes were chewed up, and outside debris was on the floor. It looked like a small tornado came through the house.  Right in the middle of the melee was our little beagle puppy- Buster.  He was just waking up from a nap.

Apparently, someone (no names mentioned) left the back door cracked open. While we were gone, he found his way inside, made himself at home, had a few snacks, chewed on a few shoes and then found a resting spot on our new couch.  Buster was busted.

Now, if a small beagle puppy can cause such a disruption by coming through a cracked door, suppose what a roaring lion would do in the same scenario?  And yet, when we fail to guard our hearts and homes, that is exactly the invitation we are sending to our enemy.  Let me encourage you today to check every door of your home, lock every bolt in your mind, and protect your heart against the wiles of the enemy.  If he sees a cracked door, he will make himself at home.

Daily Reading: Acts 9-10

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