November 14 – Coming Out of Egypt

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The children of Israel were prone to wander and forget about the miraculous provisions of God.  Not long after leaving Egypt they complained about their circumstance and desired to go back to the place where they had spent four hundred and thirty in bondage.  In one solitary moment of time God delivered His people out of Egypt; but it would take the next forty years for Him to deliver Egypt out of His people.

The temptations of this world are pressing realities in the life of a believer.  Like the Israelites of the Old Testament, we may be drawn to old places, old habits, old lifestyles, and old friends.  But may I suggest something to you? There is nothing in Egypt for you; nothing but the old bondage of slavery which God delivered you out of.  How foolish it is to desire the waters of the Nile after having tasted the Everlasting Spring.  How indifferent an affection we must have if we long to sit at the table of Egypt after having tasted of Heaven’s Bread.

Leave Egypt; and leave it once and for all.  Realize today that when Satan, the flesh, and the world calls you to their quarters, it is always for destruction and demise.  The journey to Canaan isn’t the easiest pathway in life, but it certainly beats living in bondage to the taskmasters of Egypt.

Daily Reading: Acts 4-6

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