November 13 – The Eyes of Salvation

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In the garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve sinned, guilt reigned in total dominion over their lives.  Their revealed nakedness was the result of their eyes being opened, not in grandiose wisdom as promised by the serpent, but rather in depravity and shame.  They saw themselves; and what they saw was not beauty or glory.  No, they saw man displaced from the holiness of God.  The fruit, still yet to be digested, revealed man’s greatest demise.  The presence of sin, the power of shame, and the permanence of guilt could not be relieved by the few fig leaves sown together.  They needed a Savior. From that day on, all of humanity and history sought a Messiah; One Who could restore man back into communion with God in the garden and give the sons of Adam their sight.

Christ, too, approached a tree.  Christ, too, took the fruit of sin.  He tasted death for every man.  He looked into the cup and obeyed.  Where Adam and Eve took the fruit in disobedience at the tree, Christ drank the cup in total submission on a tree. His eyes too were open.  They were open to the reality of His Father’s plan in salvation.

He saw you, He saw me.  He saw grace manifested and mercy extended.  What glorious day it is when God opens our eyes to the beauty of His sacrifice and the offering of His Son.

Daily Reading: Acts 1-3

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