November 12 – God and the Fire Escape

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Not long ago, I was upstairs in our church and decided to exit the building using the emergency fire escape on the back of the facility.  As I walked down those cold, black iron steps I thought about the many times in my prayer life when I sought the Lord only when it was necessary.  Now, of course, it is always necessary to seek the Lord in prayer; but what I mean is that many times we only approach or “use” God when the circumstance calls for it (when there is an emergency).

You see, the fire escape is typically used when something is wrong.  It is not ornate, it is not dressed up, it is not in a central part of the building where all can see and use.  It is not in the ebb and flow of traffic.  No, it is there just in case an emergency takes place.

God forbid that you and I treat our relationship with the Lord in the same manner.  But too often, that is how we live our Christian life.  We work, we play, we eat, we enjoy our leisure with little thought of God.  But when something inconvenient happens we are quick to jump on the fire escape and beg Him for a way out.

How indifferent it is of us when we only approach God during the fiery trials of life.  Spend time with God daily, even when there is no emergency!

Daily Reading: John 19-21

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