November 8 – The Stage and the Altar, Part 2

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God is not interested in our stage; He has prepared a table.  He sets a place, pulls out a chair with divine courtesy, and graciously invites us to take off the mask and just be ourselves.  There is no pressure to perform, no intense stares from a crowd, no script, no memorized lines.  No, here at the table of divine fellowship, God alleviates us of stardom and reminds us that He is the only One worthy of applause.

Therefore, when you bow your head, your heart, your knees in prayer, you should do so in true form – that of a son or daughter.  Your Father knows you, the entirety of you. Your faults, failures, moodiness, anger, habits, indiscretions, secret sins. He knows all of it and still invites you to come.

He invites you to come, not only on the basis of who you are (His child), but on the basis of Who He is.  The table of fellowship is constructed by the timbers of Calvary. And the royal seat has been allotted only to the Great High Priest of Heaven.  Only He has the authority to grant access to whom He wills.  And so He calls you…not to a stage, but to a table, a throne.  And He grants you boldness to enter. The right to enter however has one requirement: Take off the mask, get off the stage, and just be you.

Daily Reading: John 9-10

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