November 7 – The Stage and the Altar, Part 1

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Slowly the lights fade and the curtain is drawn open.  The stage is adequately prepared as the ornately-donned actor steps into the spotlight to dramatically pronounce his lines.  With clear and articulate enunciation, he calls the audience to attention. He is good. He is convincing.  He is even mesmerizing.  But he is an actor.  His real identity has been arrested by a role, a part…a character he has learned to play extremely well.  Sometimes in the private chambers of his life he cannot tell where he stops and the performer begins. He has a hard time engaging in real conversations as he has become saturated with his script.  So he puts on his mask, assumes his role, and daily plays the part.  No, I am not speaking of a Broadway performer, I am speaking of the typical Christian and his prayer life.

The real issue behind a believer’s struggling prayer life is the issue of mistaken identity.  We have a tendency to approach God with the mindset of a performer.  Therefore, we use religiously-hyped words in a scripted manner with verbatim style and form.  We feel as though God is our audience and we must impress Him with our articulation and professionalism.  Though the façade may sound or look impressive to the casual onlooker, God knows it is just acting.  Playing and praying become synonymous acts of worship.

Daily Reading: John 7-8

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