November 4 – The Pressure of the Press

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Jesus always drew a crowd.  Several times in Scripture the Bible declares that “a press” gathered together to see the miracle-worker.  When Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5) there were so many people around Jesus that they actually “thronged” him, which means to be pressed on all sides.

It is true, the people gathered to see Jesus, but the disciples, by sheer virtue of being with Christ, felt the press as well.  Although Christ was the main draw of the multitude, those with Christ also felt the pressure.

Be certain, as a follower and disciple of Christ, there will be times when you feel the pressure of being with the Savior.  The “press” gathers on all sides, with many issues, in many shapes and sizes.  The “press” has a tendency to push and poke and prod their way into your mind, heart, and soul.  They have needs, wants, desires, and problems. Because the press is so overwhelming, there may be a temptation to send them away.  However, we should note, Christ never dismissed the multitude.  He always invited them unto Himself.  And this is the solution for us as well.  If you are feeling the pressure as His disciple remember that even as Christ is there for others, He will be there for you.

Daily Reading: John 1-2

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