October 25 – Thankful for Every Blessing

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sunset with young man,special toned and color photo f/x, focus point on the man

Suppose you woke up this morning and only had those blessings from God that you had thanked Him for yesterday?  How much or how little would you still have?  I would like to say that I would have it all, but more than likely there would be some things missing.

It is a daily practice of mine to thank God for His blessings and benefits, but I must be honest, there are days that I do not acknowledge “every good and perfect gift.”  Yet, if just one of His blessings were missing from my life this morning, it is certain I would be on the altar begging God to restore it.  So why is it that we do not equally praise Him when we find those very blessings in their typical places?  The answer is pretty simple: It’s because we take the goodness of God for granted.

Too often we walk by our closets, look at the hundreds of items and complain because we don’t have anything to wear, not recognizing that God promised to clothe us.  Many times we stand at the pantry door and gaze over every can, jar, box, and container and grumble that we don’t have anything good to eat.  All the while, every piece of food is the result of God’s promise to feed us as He does the sparrow.  God’s blessings abound; thank Him for each and every one of them.  You’d miss them if tomorrow they were gone.

Daily Reading: Luke 6-7

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