October 24 – Continue

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The voices that urge us to quit are sounding forth all around us.  They rise up from secular and worldly corridors with voluminous intensity.  They echo forth from the dark recesses of our own emotions and despair.  They resonate from past failures, present realities, and future pretenses.  They tell us, as believers, that our efforts are worthless, our labor is in vain, and our hope is gone.  They boom with powerful and demonic reverberation.

Yet, there is another voice still.  A still small voice.

This voice deafens the soul with overwhelming joy and assurance.  This voice breathes life and light.  This voice drowns out the chants of wicked and ungodly men.  This voice utters one solitary word to the restless, floundering soul… “continue.”

What a voice! What a word! Continue.

When you feel like quitting, when you’ve lost your way.  When you are friendless, joyless, hopeless, and penniless.  When you say you cannot take another step or go another mile, the voice from heaven whispers into your heart and ushers in strength from another world.  Do you hear Him cheering you on today?  Have you stilled your soul long enough to know He is on your side?  He sees you in your fight and struggle and graciously encourages you to keep going.

Daily Reading: Luke 2-3

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