October 23 – Taking out the Trash

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One of the most therapeutic things I enjoy in life is the early-morning run in my subdivision.  I love the quietness I find on those typically-busy streets.  The hush of the morning seems to settle the noise in my heart as I prepare for the events of the day.  The dimly-lit sky cascades the promise of a new dawning, and along with it, new mercies from the Lord.  It is the time and place where I often meet God.

However, on trash day, things are a little different.

On trash day, I pass by every home and catch a whiff of yesterday’s business. Every other day I am overwhelmed with the smells of rose bushes, hydrangeas, and freshly-cut grass. Every other day I am greeted by singing birds, chirping crickets, and melodies of worship music.  But on trash day, I encounter large plastic bends that house the waste of unwanted and polluted rubbish.  Be certain, my senses have a different experience on trash day.

I must realize, however, that I have to set my trash out as well. On trash day, the very first canister I must encounter and deal with is my own.  It is easy to get disgusted by the debris and garbage of other people as you journey through this life; but we should realize, we all have trash that needs to be hauled off from time to time.

Daily Reading: Luke 1

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