October 10 – All You Will Ever Need

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There’s a common denominator among those people whom Christ helped during the course of His public ministry: They all acknowledged they had a need above and beyond themselves.  Whether it was disease, depression, or demon-possession, those who came to Christ realized that Christ, and Christ alone, was the only One Who had the answers for their lives.  This is the prerequisite of getting help from God; we must utterly and totally depend on Him, not trusting in ourselves.

When we approach God on those terms, we find that He is willing and eager to embrace us and change our lives.  When He said, “Come unto me” He had you in mind.  He had the weary in mind.  He had the wayward in mind.  He had the wicked in mind, and the wretched in mind.  When He said, “Come unto me” He was thinking of the weepers, the workers, the warriors, and the worshippers.  He was inviting the world, and the “whosoever will.” Those who acknowledged their need and turned to Christ by faith received of Him all that they could ask or think.  Today, Christ is still inviting you to come to Himself.  Where He is, you will find everything you need.

Daily Reading: Matthew 20-21

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