October 6 – What it Means to Come to Christ

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In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus offered the greatest invitation ever extended to humanity.  His invitation was not to a building.  His invitation was not to a religion.  His invitation was not to a code of ethics or morals.  His invitation was simply to Himself.  “Come unto me” are three of the greatest words that a sovereign, holy Savior could ever extend to fallen humanity.  It’s unthinkable, seemingly impossible even, that God would allow you and I to gain access and entrance into the presence of His Righteous Son; but in the invitation of Matthew’s Gospel, that is exactly what we find.

The invitation, though extended to all, is not without some limitations. In the verses prior, Jesus said to His Father, “I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes” (Matthew 11:25). Jesus said in another place, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).  “Babes” and “little children” are utterly helpless and dependent upon someone else to meet their needs.  Therefore, the only way we can really come to Christ is if we see Him as the only One Who can save us and forgive us of our sins.  Can anyone come to Jesus for salvation? Well, yes, but they have to come knowing and believing that Christ, and Christ alone has the power to save.

Daily Reading: Matthew 11-12

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