October 2 – When God Breaks Bread

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The breaking of bread was a personal and intimate act of fellowship among believers during the days of Christ. Christ broke the bread to feed the five thousand in the desert. He broke bread with the twelve disciples in the Upper Room.  He also broke bread with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.  The early believers in the book of Acts broke bread from house to house with gladness of heart.  The breaking of bread was an act of fellowship and communion.

Jesus called Himself “The Bread which came down from heaven” (John 6).  Therefore, when Christ died on the cross, God was breaking the Bread of Life.  In breaking the Bread, God was inviting us to a table of fellowship, a table of forgiveness, a table of faith.  He spread the table upon two wooden beams.  He covered it with His love and affection.  He paid for this fellowship with the life of His Own Son.

Furthermore, He broke the Bread in the presence of two thieves, thus reminding us that anyone can sit at this table.  Oh what divine fellowship there is with God over the broken Bread!

Daily Reading: Matthew 1-4

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