September 25 – One Problem, Three Times

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“Anything big enough to occupy our minds is big enough to hang on a prayer”– George MacDonald

     It is possible to face the same problem three different times: before it occurs, when it occurs, and after it occurs.  Many people face their problems before they actually happen- this is called fear.  Then they face their problems when they actually occur –this is called reality.  Then they face their problems after they are over –this is called regret.

If you will notice, much of our anxiety is based upon something that has not happened, or has already occurred, to which we can do nothing about.  I believe much of our worry is unsubstantiated.  The enemy causes us to see things that are not real.  He manipulates circumstances, relationships, emotions, and decisions causing us to consider the worst possible scenario.  Many people experience restless and sleepless nights due to unwarranted worry and fear.

If the enemy cannot plague you with worry, he will torment you with regret.  He pushes the rewind button over and over again in your mind.  He causes you to relive bad decisions, knowing you can do nothing to change the outcome.  He is a master manipulator and works fervently to discourage your life.   Face only those problems that are a reality of today.  Refuse the worry and regret of problems that are nonexistent.


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