September 19th – Should we COEXIST?

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“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me” – Jesus Christ

     I am sure you have seen the bumper stickers.  Engraved into the word COEXIST are the symbols of various religions, beliefs, and cults from around the world. The word may only be seven letters in length, but the effects of the message are far-reaching.   The idea may seem innocent at first glance and thought.  But the message behind the word is deceptive.

COEXIST packages itself as a free-love, free-choice, all-things-equal worldview.  It promotes tolerance and acceptance of all beliefs.  However, most of those particular religions inscribed into the word have less than tolerant views of each other.  The concept is self-defeating.

COEXIST is nothing less than an attempt to promote universalism to a new generation.  Its roots are planted in worldly and hellish soil.  The message is simple: mankind can create a manmade Utopia.  If we try hard enough, we can find various components of commonality.  In our commonality we can discover world-peace and ultimately world-redemption.   It is the devil’s counterfeit to the millennial kingdom.  Redemption of society is a future certainty, but such redemption is only obtained through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Christ, and Christ alone, is the answer for global reconciliation. Only in Christ can we COEXIST.


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