September 16th – At Rest in Christ

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“Peace is the continual rehearsal of standing in the right spot in the grand order of things –not lower or higher”– Mel Lawrenz

     If you are like me, and just about everyone else I know, you find very little time for rest.  The demands of life, career, schedule, ministry, and family keep you on the run.  I rarely find a free moment to sit back, relax, and do…well, nothing.  The reason being, things need to be done.  Assignments need to be finalized.  Appointments need to be filled.  Homework needs to be completed.  Projects need to be finished…there is always something.  And once we complete the task, there is typically something else.  Thus, we are restless creatures.

The only true rest I have found in this life is my rest in Christ.  In Him, I have nothing left to do; as a matter of fact, I did nothing to begin with.  Christ declared, “It is finished” on the cross.  This life-altering, history-changing statement would constitute peace and rest for the restless, sinful souls of humanity.

In Him, I am secure.  In Him, I am complete.  In Him, I am at rest.  This is not a pass of do nothing.  Be sure, such rest constitutes a desire to work zealously and passionately for His cause and purpose.  But I work not for merit or affirmation; I work because of the rest I have already found in Him.  In this busy, chaotic, on-the-run world, take a few minutes today, and rediscover your rest in a Redeemer who can recharge your soul.


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