September 13th – More Prayer Improvements

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“Prayer is the first thing where a righteous life begins, and the last wherewith it ends”– Richard Hooker

     As with any relationship, communication is vital for growth.  I personally believe that prayer is an ongoing education; it develops, changes, and evolves over time.  It intrinsically takes on the identity of our relationship with God in that particular season of life; it is an ongoing work in progress.  Here are three more ways to improve your prayer life:

  1. Pray for Others. When we adopt a selfless attitude toward prayer, and intercede continually for others, we not only strengthen the lives of other people, but God, in return, grows our faith and strengthens our communion with Himself.
  2. Pray the Promises of God. Prayer and Scripture are mutually inclusive. Prayer is the venue in which we speak to God; Scripture is the venue in which God speaks to us. Read, study, and declare the promises of God through, in, and by your prayer life.
  3. Pray Even When You Don’t Feel Like It. Small, incremental prayers, on a daily basis transform our spiritual identity. I love how Henri Nouwen put it, “Sitting in the presence of God for one hour each morning- day after day, week after week, and month after month, in total confusion and with a myriad of distractions- radically changes my life.”


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