September 9th – The Price of Change

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Time to change concept

“Fasting helps confirm the resolution that we are ready to sacrifice anything for the kingdom of God”– Andrew Murray

Moses ascended Mount Sinai to experience the presence of God.  For forty days and forty nights he deprived himself from the basic necessities of this world in order to find the nourishment and nutrition he so desperately needed from another.  In short, that is the essence of fasting –starving our flesh, while God feeds our faith.

We hear very little of the subject these days; and that’s not really a shock.  We are so enamored with self-promotion, self-fulfillment, and self-advancement that we give very little thought to self-denial.  We have traded the cross-centered life for the consumer-centered cross.  The thought of giving up anything that feeds the flesh is an absurdity to this generation.  We go to bed physically full but constantly rise spiritually hungry.  The lacking dividends of our spiritual investment are a mere reflection of our failed sacrifice.

What are we willing to exchange in our lives for the power of God?  Moses gave up food and water for an extended period of time but came down off the mountain a changed man.  He was willing to give up so that he could go up.  He descended with the worship of God in his heart, the Word of God in his hands, and the witness of God on his head.


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