September 2nd – Escaped but not Delivered

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“All the great words of salvation have the same theme: the restoration of creation to the arena of the Father’s glory” –Tom Marshall

There was a prisoner in Sydney, Australia who had planned his escape for quite some time. He noticed the delivery trucks that came in and out of the prison were supervised at all angles but from underneath. Cunningly, he positioned himself away from the other prisoners and secretly hid himself in the underpinnings of one of the trucks.

As the truck drove away, he held on for dear life. When the vehicle finally came to a stop, the prisoner released his grip, quietly dropped to the ground and secretly rolled out from beneath the truck. Unfortunately, he found himself just a few miles down the road, in the courtyard of another prison!

Freedom is God’s gift to all humanity only in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. People go from prison to prison, bondage to bondage, addiction to addiction struggling with liberty because they have failed to accompany themselves with the only One who can save them.

Christ requires nothing at our hands for deliverance. He breaks through the iron gates of our confinement, releases us from the bondage of our sin, and freely pays the price for our freedom. By His grace, we go from glory to glory, not prison to prison.


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